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His hands kept inserting the stones on the top of the cave, making a "boom" sound.

yuan Zhi opened her eyes with a sound, her pale face was covered with big eyes with tears, and she did not know whether it was because of pain or other reasons. She laboriously raised her left hand, which had been scratched by the gold bug, and dug in front of her for a while, struggling to clamp a bottle of spray with two fingers. Meng Xiang was overjoyed and knew that the spray was a good medicine for stopping bleeding. He hurriedly tore off the clothes on yuan Zhi's shoulder and sprayed them on the blurred flesh and blood. Sure enough, the blood stopped immediately. Only then did Meng Xiang feel a sharp pain all over his body. Although the cut skin was only a skin injury, the pain was so unbearable that he almost groaned. Because of the girl in front of how to keep the dignity of the man, he clenched his teeth, slowly picked up yuan Zhi. At this time, the battle with bedbugs was declared over, with corpses everywhere and green body fluids emitting a peculiar smell. Zhang Jin stuck out his tongue and licked the disgusting green liquid around his mouth. He expressed his excitement on his face. He laughed and said, "It's fun. It's really cool to fight in a narrow space." Nice wiped the sweat drops from his body. Several times, he was almost crushed by bedbugs. At the critical moment, he relied on the angel's hope to escape. He almost shouted in an abusive tone: "Damn, you are happy, we can suffer." He took out the blood pills from the space bag and fed yuan Zhi two pills, carefully examined her shoulder injury, and finally took out a bottle of liquid medicine and smeared it on her shoulders. As soon as yuan Zhi's body came into contact with the liquid medicine, she trembled all over and fainted with a scream. Meng Xiang was so frightened that he was in a hurry, but Nice waved his hand and took out a small bottle containing similar blood-increasing pills from the space bag. He poured some into his mouth and swallowed it. Then he poured a few more pills and handed them to Meng Xiang, saying: "This is a military grain pill. It's a nutritional compression medicine. It can't fill your stomach, but it can restore your strength. You can eat some." Watch more films,push back racking system, want to see the real, one-to-one anchor performance, then come to www point luyiwan point CoM bar, all kinds of cracked video software, now all free, outdated charges oh! Meng Xiang put the grain pills in his nose and smelled them. He felt a bitter taste like Chinese medicine pouring into his nasal cavity. He could not help frowning, but he knew that anything incredible could happen in this world, so he swallowed them. Only then did Ding Jie come over slowly and asked lightly,metal racking systems, "How is Xiao Zhi?" "Thanks to the blood-increasing pills, life is safe for the time being, but it's impossible to continue to follow us deep into the wormhole." Nice took off the angel's jacket, then took off her jacket and put it on yuan Zhi. She sighed softly and continued: "The right shoulder bone was pierced, the left arm was scraped open, and the left leg was almost cut off. Before the horror film was finished, she was useless." "I see." Ding Jie also did not want to, casually said: "We continue to look for the brain worm, regardless of Xiaozhi, she followed us is just a burden." yuan Zhi lowers the head, the facial expression is indifferent, as if this matter has nothing to do with her, and as if already in the expectation. Meng Xiang does not quite understand, ask softly: "But, small Zhi is the member of your nameless team, do you give up her so?" "Newcomer, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,push back racking system, shut up." Ding Jie glared at Meng Xiang, looking like a man-eating tiger, and the brewing wind seemed to break out in the next second and blow him away. Nice hurriedly pulled Meng Xiang, close to his ear and whispered: "The unknown team, only accept the strong.". We don't need new people or people who can't move. This is the rule set by the previous generation of the unknown team. Meng Xiang was stupefied and looked down at yuan Zhi, who neither begged nor argued, before he understood the cause of the matter. He immediately crouched down and said, "I'll carry her so we can follow you." Ding Jie snorted and said coldly, "Newcomer, if you don't want Xiao Zhi to die, don't force it.". Don't you know where we are now? We're in the Zerg's lair. Did you really think you were lucky to escape just now? And you are in the way, we simply dare not go all out, if not for you, Nice's rapid-fire machine gun fire, there is no need to risk the angel's hope to run away and aim. He took out a Desert Eagle from the space bag and threw it to Meng Xiang: "This is a Desert Eagle worth 1000 points. It is more powerful than an ordinary pistol, and it has unlimited ammunition.". As a captain, I can ignore the newcomers, but Xiaozhi is my subordinate anyway. Let Nice send you to the ground later, and then you can wait for the end of the mission. Meng Xiang picked up a pistol on the ground, this heavy desert eagle, is the means to save his life, he will not thank Ding Jie, but this gun is not white. He received the gun in the waist, also no longer speak, gently picked up yuan Zhi, yuan Zhi is also silent, pale face hidden a trace of fear. Ding Jie turned over the gold crutch on his arms. The gold crutch, more than 40 CM long, is a weapon similar to a baton. The front end of the crutch is a protruding grip, and the rear end of the grip is a cone-shaped thorn. Holding the grip and rotating the stick flexibly not only protects his arms, but also gives full play to the advantage of "one inch short and one inch dangerous". It is a very powerful weapon for close combat. Now Ding Jie turned the awl-shaped thorn forward. He suddenly jumped up. His hands kept inserting the stones on the top of the cave, making a "boom" sound. At the same time, the soil and gravel were scattered like rain. In a short while, Ding Jie had disappeared in the big hole he had chiseled on the top of the cave. After a long time, Ding Jie jumped down from the cave, put away the golden crutch and said: "Nice, I have dug through the passage to the top of the cave, you take them out." When he said this, there was a look of pride on his face. Digging this hole was a show of his strength. Nice spread out the angel's hope and carried Meng Xiang, who was holding yuan Zhi in his arms, like a chicken, and said, "It's time to go up, new man. Hold on." Meng Xiang hugged yuan Zhi tightly, only to feel his body suddenly fly up, and then rub against the sand on the edge of the hole. He was afraid of hurting yuan Zhi, so he dared not move. He endured the pain. In the blink of an eye, his eyes brightened, and they had returned to the ground. Chapter 013 powerful secrets. [] Updated: 20119318:20:40 Words in this Chapter: 3723 After walking underground for a long time, it was far away from the isolation zone,industrial racking systems, surrounded by hills and rocks, and very barren. Nice took out two blood-increasing pills and two grain pills from the space bag and gave them to Meng Xiang. He glanced at the hills around him and said, "Hide as much as you can. Don't make any noise. These blood-increasing pills and grain pills are for a rainy day." 。