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In most of the United States, outside the South, blacks have never experienced segregation. In the big cities

In most of the United States, outside the South, blacks have never experienced segregation. In the big cities, black people have already entered the modern life. Relatively speaking, their temperament was very different from that of the black people in the South at that time. They do not have the experience of Southern blacks, nor do they have the fairly consistent religious spirit and value orientation formed by the common experience of Southern blacks. Like any ethnic group in modern life, they are diverse, and some of them have even become accustomed to street violence and gang gunfights. So, in a speech to KKK, marcom X, a black leader in New York, said something completely different: "The days of civil disobedience are over.". If their KKK is nonviolent, then I can be nonviolent.. But as long as some of you are out there practicing violence, I don't want anyone to come and talk to me about non-violence. Malcolm X's speech has always been such a style, very "addictive", so, to this day,brass tube fitting, his speech tapes are still selling well. The logic of his words is very clear, and there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, people in any country or region have two choices of "violent resistance" and "non-violent resistance" when they promote the national process or fight for their rights and interests. When we compare these two ideas, we will find that they are very reasonable. Although their reasons do not seem to be on the same level. Therefore, there are also people who choose to go both ways. Decades later, when more and more people advocate "non-violence" in the world,12 needle valve, we can look back at the history of the United States and appreciate what the difference is. From Martin Luther King's speech, we can see that there is more of a belief in the awakening of human nature synchronized with religious beliefs, believing that the vast majority of people will eventually experience "from ape to man" and that their conscience will eventually be awakened. However, when an evil force is strong, it is really difficult for you to make all people hold such a belief, which is why violence against violence, non-violence eventually evolves into violence, and the tide is endless. I want to get away from the discussion of whether human nature is good or evil and see what "non-violence" is all about. Of course, "non-violent resistance" has nothing to do with war or individual dealing with robbers. It is a way for some people to fight for their rights and interests and promote social progress under the condition that a society is in a normal state. When this push is not accepted and sometimes even leads to violence, generally speaking, it is always the earliest and most instinctive reaction to violence. But when people regard violence against violence as their slogan, in addition to causing the loss of many innocent lives, needle valve manufacturer ,14 tube fitting, the result may also be violence against violence, hatred and hatred, rivers of blood, fighting together. At this time, the original problem to be solved may be drowned by hatred and blood, in which case, it is very difficult to talk about maintaining rationality. And the original party with reasonable demands may also completely lose their goals and lose themselves when they kill red eyes. In fact, in some big cities in the United States at that time, which had never practiced racial segregation, there were black riots one after another during that period, and the riots always ended in a chaotic situation of looting and injuring innocent people. Not only did they fail to promote the reform of the system and achieve a substantial result, but they also deeply poisoned themselves in violence. Therefore, "non-violent resistance" is not derived from people's instinctive reaction. It is a rational reflection made by human beings after careful consideration in the face of the lives of countless innocent victims. However, it is difficult to implement "non-violence", because its essence is that the party advocating non-violence actively puts itself in a tactical disadvantage and invites the other party to return to the rational discussion with the rules of the game. This side is obviously at a disadvantage, just as when the two sides are in a fight, they are the first to take the initiative to stop and offer to negotiate. The difficulty was that he was determined not to fight back when the other party attacked him again. The problem is that people ultimately have to rely on dialogue and rational compromise to solve the problem, and one must stop first. Therefore, in history, whether it is the people's side or the powerful side, when fighting fiercely, the first party to wake up and stop fighting, no matter how many sins it has committed before, is likely to win the Nobel Peace Prize with such a turning point. By the time the "seat-in" movement spread across the South, the nature of the black civil rights movement was completely different from that of the Montgomery bus strike. The power of the black people in the South joined forces with the North and began to take the initiative in an all-round way. From my previous letters, you must have noticed that from the beginning of the United States, there has been a group of abolitionist forces trying to promote change in the South, and this attempt has never stopped. At that time, when the black people in the South had no power of their own, the civil power in the North was even the main driving force for change in the South. Although there are various factors for the occurrence of the Civil War, for a long time, the increasingly strong driving force and desire of the North is an important background that can not be ignored. However, after the Civil War and the Reconstruction Period, the North completely occupied the South and then completely withdrew, the "Southern Complex" of the North entered an unspeakable delicate period. It is precisely because the North represents the mainstream of American thought that the more the North reviews and reflects on the Civil War, the more it instinctively avoids the issue of the South psychologically, and the more it feels that it must be cautious and think twice in dealing with the issue of North-South relations. The normal promotion that has lasted for nearly a hundred years has also been greatly affected. The sudden "push" into such a situation and consequences is unexpected to all people. The Civil War forced every American who stood on the ruins of battlefields to look back and think about something. What's more, the south at that time not only left a deserted battlefield, but also left a scorched earth and the tombstones of countless young people. For a long time,stainless steel needle valve, the folk forces in the north, which had been continuously promoting the reform in the south, were at a loss in front of the homes destroyed innocently everywhere in the south. chinaroke.com