Chinese New Year

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The information I got from Zhao Yue showed that the man behind the scenes was not only inconvenient to contact me directly

The information I got from Zhao Yue showed that the man behind the scenes was not only inconvenient to contact me directly, but also not very familiar with me, because he only knew that I might be related to the Morning Star, but he was not sure, nor did he tell Zhao Yue that I had been an intern in the Morning Star for a long time. Otherwise, in order to find me, such information must be told to Zhao Yue. So, he asked Zhao Yue to be the "setter", probably because Zhao Yue is active in the Shanghai media circle, he has a wide range of friends, almost every newspaper in Shanghai knows a large group of reporters. Since you are not familiar with me, you must give me this book, even if it costs a million yuan? My fingers are tapping rhythmically on the computer desk. What is the key point? It's the content! Not getting in touch with me may have its own difficulties, but spending a million yuan shows how important and urgent the message to be answered is. As for naming the title, the main character, and the signature with my name, there is only one purpose-to make me pay attention to this "The Lost Night of Nado's Notes" and not regard it as a general science fiction story! In this way, all the spearheads point to the content of this note. If this is not a science fiction story,non standard fasteners, then what is it? Is it true? My brain was racing along this line of thought, and if it was true that the main content of this note had not happened on the day I received it, then it was a prophecy. What this note wants to tell me is the secret of the gilded pagoda, and Feng Lide, no. Xu Xian. The breakthrough should be on Xu Xian. Simply, ask Xu first directly, the big deal is to be regarded as a gossip reporter,car radiator cap, anyway, there are many colleagues like this now. When I made up my mind, I began to go through the thick business card box. Of course, I'm not looking for Xu Xian's business card. I haven't dealt with him. I'm looking for Xu Haibin, a reporter from the archaeological line of the Morning News. He has the same surname as Xu Xian. He has been running archaeology for seven or eight years. He is probably one of the oldest archaeologists in the Shanghai media circle. He should have Xu Xian's contact information. We should know that the history of our Morning Star is much shorter than Xu Haibin's archaeological history. Moreover, our archaeological reporters only care about archaeology in Shanghai. Our newspaper basically does not care much about archaeology nationwide, or reprints it. When it comes to a particularly important event, we have to be a mobile reporter like me. When I got through to Xu Haibin's cell phone, I thought that if he didn't have Xu Xian's phone, he would have to call the Beijing Examination Association and ask for it level by level. No matter how troublesome it was, he would have to find Xu Xian. That's a lot. What's the matter? "I need your help with a little thing." "My brother, what can I do to help? Say it." Xu Haibin has traveled a lot in the mountains and countryside all over the country these years, and he speaks like a Jianghu man, die casting parts ,deep draw stamping, which makes people feel very comfortable. Do you have Xu Xian's phone number? Unexpectedly, Xu Haibin's tone was somewhat hesitant: "Xu Xian.." Did you interview him, too? "An interview?" I don't quite understand. Didn't you want to interview Xu Xian for his announcement of his withdrawal from the archaeological circle? Yesterday, his letter was sent to the examination association, and he also published it on the Internet. I am also looking for him, but he is no longer in China, the letter is sent from the United States, China's mobile phone has been useless. "Ah.." After hanging up the phone, I was still surprised and uncertain. I went to the website of "Eternal Gate". Sure enough, I saw a brief statement from Xu Xian on the home page, saying that he was not in good health and wanted to have a thorough rest, so I decided to quit the archaeological circle and no longer host and participate in any archaeological and related projects. Xu Xian's clue is broken like this, even Xu Haibin can't be found, what else can I do? There are many enthusiastic netizens who leave messages to Xu Xian on the Internet, but none of them get a response. That so many notes were proved in this way, which made me feel a chill all over my body. I rubbed my temples mercilessly, the gilded pagoda, the last guide left in so many notes! Surf the Internet, search! Half an hour later, I confirmed that the gilded pagoda is now on display at the Palace Museum in Beijing. I immediately booked a ticket to fly to Beijing tomorrow through Xiecheng. Tomorrow is Saturday. I will go in the morning and return in the evening. I don't have to call the unit to ask for leave. As long as there is no urgent interview task, there will be no trouble. The next day, I stood in the Palace Museum for a whole afternoon, surrounded by people coming and going, and many tourists cast a slightly surprised look at me. After all, the Palace Museum is really big, and there are many treasures that are better than a gilded pagoda, but I haven't stayed in front of the gilded pagoda for more than five hours. In the evening, I flew back to Shanghai with my sore legs. Staring at the gilded pagoda for such a long time, my eyes closed with the shadow of the golden pagoda, but nothing happened. More than two weeks later, Zhao Yue came to me with a list of names. The huge piece of paper unfolded into a chart. There is an arrow between the name of the person, and the time and identity of the person are marked below the name. I counted that there are nine sections in the chain. After the name of the person in the last section, there is also an arrow pointing to the person, but it is blank behind that arrow. Zhao Yue's face was obviously thinner, and it took a lot of energy to draw this table. He began to explain the table to me. Despite my surprise, I had roughly guessed the meaning of this table before Zhao Yue opened his mouth. Those listed at the head of the arrow are me, Nado, followed by Zhao Yue, and then the laid-off worker of the No.3 Cotton Spinning Factory, whose name is Lu Xuenong. The six people in the back have various identities. Two are laid-off workers, one is an employee of a foreign trade company, one is a civil servant of the customs,Investment casting parts, one is a hospital nurse, and the last one is an insurance representative of AIA, named Yao Shu.