China Grinding Equipment factory

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China Grinding Equipment factory China Grinding Equipment factory

China Grinding Equipment factory Description Small Aluminium Wire Rod Mill is a mill in which the grinding body loaded in the barrel is a steel rod. Rod mills are generally of wet overflow type and can be used as primary open-circuit grinding machines. They are widely used in primary grinding of artificial stone sand, mineral processing plants and power departments of chemical plants. The mill is mainly composed of a motor, a main reducer, a transmission part, a cylinder part, a main bearing, a slow transmission part, a feeding part, a discharging part, an annular seal, a leisure visitor station, large and small gear jet lubrication, a foundation part and the like. The main reducer is a parallel shaft and hard tooth surface. Small Aluminium Wire Rod Mill is connected with asynchronous motor through reducer and pinion, which directly drives the peripheral large gear to decelerate and rotate, and drives the rotating part to rotate. The cylinder is internally provided with an appropriate grinding medium, namely a steel rod. Under the action of centrifugal force and friction force, the grinding medium continuously enters the cylinder from the feeding part, is crushed by the moving grinding medium, and discharges the product out of the machine through overflow and continuous feeding force for the next process treatment.聽 Features The Small Aluminium Wire Rod Mill can save about 40% of energy, so the cost can also be greatly reduced. Its output size is uniform and the output is large, and less dust is also beneficial to the environment. It adopts the advanced technology of controlling the feeding and exporting of the rod mill, combined with the actual user's grinding material and suitable grinding material, and changes the surface contact of the traditional ball mill into line contact so that the output size of the sand making machine is more uniform and the output is higher. High, suitable for ores with different hardness (Morse hardness 5.5-2). Technical Parameters: ModelCylinder Diameter (mm)Cylinder Length (mm)Motor ModelMotor Power (kW)Motor Revolution (r/min)Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Capacity (t/h)Effective Volume (m3)Weight (kg) MBY09189001800Y225M-8227304980237020200.62~3.20.95700 MBYg09249002400Y225M-8227305001186514000.81~4.31.26443 MBY122412002400Y280M-8457306450280025000.4 ~4.92.2812308 MBY153015003000JR125-895725793531852280519990 MBYg153015003000JR117-8807257253307022802.4 ~7.5521210 MBYg213021003000JR136-818073581224220307314 ~35942123.5 MBYg213621003600JR137-821073589584320302543 ~6110.845800.5 MBYg243024003000JR138-82807359004.54836.4349011.555795 MBYg273227003200JR157-8320750105095000362015.783110 MBYg273627003600JR1510-8380743107645150362032 ~8617.790441 MBY274027004000TDMK400-32400187.5123005700470043~11020.475000 MBY304030004000JR1510-857074098003900390054~1352690000 MBY324532004500TDMK800-36800167146007000530064~18031113000 MBY364536004500TDMK1250-401250150152008800680080~23041.8139000 MBY365436005400TDMK1600-4016001501590088006800100~25049.7150000China Grinding Equipment factory website: