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Wires Black annealed wire, consisting of low carbon steel or iron, is commonly used for weaving, baling, and construction in the home. Baling hay, for example, is a common practice in agriculture. Coil wire, spool wire, and big package wire are the most common uses for black annealed wire. Alternatively, the wire can be straightened and cut into cut wire and U type wire. When compared to black iron wire, black annealed wire is softer and more malleable. The hardness of the twisted annealed black wire is lowered by heat treatment after it is pulled with low carbon steel wire. The tensile strength is from 350 to 450 MPa, and it can be bent readily by hand. Typically used for the binding of concrete pouring steel bars, fence wire mesh, and other similar applications. 1. Product main image 2. Factory Picture 3. Quality Inspection 4. Packaging Display 5. Certification 6. Modes of TransportationWires website:http://www.orgrimmar-fasteners.com/wire/