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Fringed eyebrows, is that the answer? Nan Jin smiled. "This is the most direct metaphor. What kind of animal is a wolf?"

Fringed eyebrows, is that the answer? Nan Jin smiled. "This is the most direct metaphor. What kind of animal is a wolf?" Tassels smiled. "Aren't you her guest of honor?"? Why do you say that about her? A spy? "What is a spy?" Tassel is stupefied, explain: "Spy is the kind of person that pretends to lurk beside the enemy to obtain information!" Nan Jin nodded, is to understand, this is not with the Ice Moon Palace is a peer? "Who said I was her guest?" Nan Jin asked, "Your Highness, tell me a truth, smiling at you is not necessarily a good person to you, the same, living in your home may want to destroy your home!" Gentle tone, noble face, posture is so arrogant, as if he has this capital, people dare not question the meaning of his words. Then what are you doing in the palace? "You will know later!" Nan Jin has a deep meaning. Tassels are not curious, she now wants to know whether Long Sydney is using her to achieve her ulterior motives, perhaps to contain someone, only this possibility. Nan Jin, what kind of person is the emperor? Asked the tassel again. Nan Jin smiled, "it's also a wolf!" Long Qianyue is a rare wise king, benevolent government, love the people, governing the country well. When the Yu family rebelled, the two royal armies fought in Huadu and almost destroyed half of the city. It was Long Qianyue who came out of the palace, regardless of swords and swords, to pacify the capital and stabilize a civil war. She is an impeccable king, benevolent, loving the people, brave,collapsible pallet box, and loyal to the country and the people. Although the body is weak, for more than ten years, but support the broken body to hold the government, long Sydney can not regret her half position. But, who let her buckle small white! In the choice of tassels and small white, Nan Jin thinks that Long Qianyue is more monarchical than Long Sydney. Tassels have grown up, their thoughts have matured, and their abilities have matured, while Xiaobai is still young, intelligent and highly plastic. Do you have good people in your eyes? The tassels were silent for a moment and asked calmly. Have "Who?" "Me!" ...... Tassels more silent,wholesale plastic pallet, if he is a good man, the sky will turn over, right? Although the contact is not deep, but by feeling also know that he is not simple, eyes so cold, killing people will never be soft, such a person absolutely and good people can not fight above. Nan Jin chuckled, he found, teasing tassels quite a sense of achievement, let her head go, anyway, she was on guard against the dragon Sydney, the other he to solve. Tassel is the kind of woman who can only burst out when things come to an end. All her intelligence and cleverness are always useful in a critical moment. She is usually like a grass that everyone can bully. Long Sydney may be too small to look down on her. Maybe she can't imagine what kind of shock her good-for-nothing niece has in her mind. Do you listen to the flute? Nan Jin suddenly asked. When the tassels took the lead, Nan Jin began to play slowly, which was the favorite tune of the tassels. The lotus floating in the pond, the moonlight flowing slowly, the bamboo shadow swaying mottled, lightly hit them on the body, such as a layer of soft silk flowing through, plated with a layer of romantic color. Tassels quietly looked at Nan Jin's attentive face, spill plastic pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, between heaven and earth, all the colors were eclipsed, the white childe in front of him was like embracing all the colors in the world, a moment of youth, soul-stirring. An inexplicable warmth and touching surge up, tassel heart fever, even with eyes also fever, melodious song has a kind of lingering sadness, occasionally overflowing is a touch of happiness, but so short, sadness is the keynote of the whole song. May be the moonlight is too good, charming soul, tassels actually give birth to the illusion of the end of the world, so willing to listen to him blow down, willing to stay in this moment forever. Are you satisfied with my appearance? At the end of the song, seeing the tassels still quietly looking at his face, Nan Jin could not help smiling and asking, he was particularly satisfied with her reaction. Just so so! The tassels are typically duplicitous, and the heart is full of anger. Is a man very proud of his good looks? Look at the smile on his face, dazzling! "You're just so absorbed in it?" Nan Jin joked. Tassels face rub on a red cloud, even the ears are slightly hot, are caused by the moonlight, too charming, so he lost his temper. Remembering one thing, she lowered her head and squeaked, "That..". That slap during the day. Does it hurt? Nan Jin smiled and looked at his wife's red face in his spare time. Is this a disguised apology? Nan Jin couldn't help teasing her again. "It's too late to ask again." Tassels stare, the thought of their own apology, this person is also unforgiving mouth, she immediately counterattack, "Hundred Lotus Festival day, people just kiss your face, you beat people into the river, who is more excessive ah?" The tassels mentioned Nan Jin's painful feet. Remembering that he had been secretly kissed that day, he stood up with cold hair all over his body. Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes and stared at the tassels mercilessly. "Can this be compared?" He asked. The elegant gentleman suddenly incarnated as Yama. Naturally, he had to shut up. The tassels knew the current affairs very well. With a dry smile, he muddled through. Nan Jin hummed heavily. That's a quick change of face. When she saw that it was getting late, she used the excuse that she was going to go back and slip away. Nan Jin stopped her and raised her eyebrows and said with a smile, "Good night, Princess!" This is the idiom that Su Su used to use before going to bed, and over the years, Nan Jin has also caught the habit. She also hurriedly said, then went out to listen to the rain Xuan, Nan Jin looked at her back, lips overflow a touch of soft smile. When Donger saw the tassels coming out with a red face, he covered his mouth with a smile. The tassels coughed lightly. A gust of evening wind blew, and the heat on his face dissipated a little. Walking on the bluestone path, tassels still flash in his mind when he was playing the flute, really charming and familiar! "Princess, what did you say to the beautiful young man?" Donger is a curious baby, see the princess face so red, there must be a chance. Don't gossip! Tassel smiled faintly, Donger stuck out her tongue, tassel said not to ask, she also stopped asking, suddenly they stopped, under the moonlight, a long and cold figure stood in the courtyard of Ziyue Pavilion, tall, handsome, calm as a mountain. Donger was startled,wholesale plastic pallet, the man turned around, tassels recognized that it was the man he met in the street that day, he and Feng Nanjin seemed to know each other.