Peerless Thief: Miss Waste Wood Seven by Night North [Crossing]

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They knew that their instructors were the best. They called it taking them out for training, but in fact they changed to a beautiful place for training, which was much better than the atmosphere of the martial arts field.

They knew that their instructors were the best. They called it taking them out for training, but in fact they changed to a beautiful place for training, which was much better than the atmosphere of the martial arts field. A bitter teacher, who was being praised by the students, had just killed an inferior undead who had strayed into the training range. Shen Yanxiao wiped the stains on his hands with a handkerchief and looked up at the depths of the forest. A strange smell of death was wafting out of there, not from the undead creatures, but from the undead! "There are other undead here." Shen Yan Xiao narrowed his eyes, the forest of death rarely set foot on the dead, the breath of death is very complex, it is obvious that it is not a single. Shen Yanxiao immediately ran in the direction of the source of the breath. Through layers of dense forest, in a low Bush, Shen Yanxiao found the source of breath, and accompanied by this breath, there is a deafening roar! A large higher undead creature is being attacked by a team of undead. The undead who attacked it were not very old, and they knew at a glance that they were a group of undead teenagers,Time Delay Tap, about the same age as the war field. One hundred students, methodically fight with the higher undead creatures, can actually pull the higher undead creatures gradually into the downwind, such ability to cooperate, even Shen Yanxiao should give them a compliment. What makes Shen Yanxiao even more surprised is that she found a very familiar figure on the edge of the battle! …… I wrote the article last night, but I forgot to click it on the list to be released,Time Delay Faucet, and I cried blind. 1990. No Chapter 1990 Enemy Road Narrow (2). Two adult undead stood aside, one of whom was Rochu, who had long disappeared from Hades Fire Academy. Instead of wearing the robes of the Hades Fire Academy, Rochu wore another Academy badge on his chest. Sure enough, Rochu had already left the Academy of Hades. Shen Yan Xiao narrowed her eyes, she did not expect to see Luo Qiu here. Standing beside Luoqiu was an old man with a gray beard. Judging from Luoqiu's respectful attitude towards the old man, we can see that the other side's background is not small. Shen Yanxiao watched quietly, and from time to time Luoqiu opened his mouth and said something to the teenagers who were fighting with the higher undead creatures. Did this guy jump from Hades Academy to another Academy after he lost? With Luoqiu's mind, this is not surprising. As the leading teacher of the Hades Fire Academy, he was defeated by Shen Yanxiao, a half-way monk of the lower undead. Under such humiliation, stainless steel squatting pan ,Stainless Steel Toilet China, he had no face to stay in the Hades Fire Academy. The silence of the deans is just not to let the students and tutors have any unnecessary emotions because of Rochu's departure. According to Shen Yanxiao's meaning, Luo Qiu such a narrow-minded guy, is not suitable to be a mentor at all. Look at this guy, and look at her two teachers. Whether it is Yun Qi or Ye Qing, every minute can kill Luo Qiu hundreds of times. As a teacher, strength is the second, and the most important thing is character. Luo Qiu is narrow-minded and can't teach any good students at all. Shen Yanxiao carefully observed that the fighting level of those teenagers was extremely high, and that group of students of Naken and them were not in the same class at all. They cooperated with each other very tacitly. Although they were not yet adults, their strength did not reach the level of adult undead, but they could rely on their cooperation with each other to contain the higher undead creature. And effectively attack it. The ants killed the elephant, and the higher undead creature was scarred by such a dense attack, and his mouth burst into a roar of anger. To be able to train a group of undead teenagers to this point. Shen Yanxiao can be sure that this is definitely not from the hands of Luo Qiu. Rochu has some skills, but he doesn't have much time to build such a team without the Fire Academy. When Shen Yanxiao was wondering if Luo Qiu had hugged the old man's thigh, the dead creature who had been driven to a dead end suddenly went on a rampage, and the dead gas in his body suddenly released a powerful shock wave, which hit all the dead teenagers around him, and the undead creature who had broken away from the entanglement immediately fled crazily. And the direction of its escape is on the right side of Shen Yanxiao. Through the dense forest, the undead creatures will directly reach the training range of the Red Inflammation Team! Shen Yanxiao was startled. Up to now, the members of the Red Inflammation Team have no experience in fighting with undead creatures, and now if they run into such a violent higher undead creature, the situation will definitely be quite tragic. Damn it, Rochu, that idiot, let this big trouble get away! Shen Yanxiao did not dare to have a trace of hesitation, immediately toward the direction of the undead creatures fled in the past, she did not want Luo Qiu provoked the undead creatures to hurt her bear children. Shen Yanxiao was not the only one who ran after him. When the old man beside Luo Qiu saw such a situation again, he immediately ordered all the teenagers to run after him with them. 1991. No Chapter 1991 Enemy Road Narrow (3). The rampaging higher undead creature runs so fast that its huge body crushes all the obstacles in front of it. On the other side of the field, they were conducting forest field training, and suddenly they felt the earth under their feet trembling violently. What's wrong Xerox stopped and said in surprise. Listen. The roar of the beast ran through the eardrum, and a thick smell of blood came with the wind. The members of the Red Team immediately raised their heads, and behind a dense forest, they saw a huge ferocious figure moving towards them at a very fast speed. This This is the undead creature? The expressions of several teenagers were distorted. They had said before that they had not even seen an undead creature for so long, but today they had seen a living one! But! Nima! Do you want such a big one! "This is a higher undead creature." Zhan Ye's face is very ugly, he came to the dead forest the night before, to do some understanding of the undead creatures,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, from the size, speed and dead gas, the huge undead creatures must be high! "High?" 。