Madam _ you lost your vest again!

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. In the classroom, Qiao Sheng, who was leaning on the table and talking to someone, saw Qin Ran and immediately stood up and called her out.

Feng Loucheng fell half a step behind her and helped her open the door. Not far from the opposite side, there was a very sharp brake sound. The black BMW stopped. What's the matter? Lin Wan, who was sitting in the co-driver's seat, was mending her lipstick. Because of the sudden brake, the lipstick almost hit her nose. Lin Jinxuan shook his head and looked at the opposite side: "Aunt, do you think that man is Qin Ran?" 057 Discovered (second watch) Lin Wan then raised her head and looked over. A man in a gray suit jacket was pulling open the door, leaning slightly sideways, very polite. Just came out from Feng Lou Cheng's house, Lin Wan naturally knew this figure, as well as that faintly visible side face, this is not who the mayor is? Feng Loucheng climbed to the present position before he was fifty years old. He was modest, but there was a kind of domineering meaning in his bones. But at this time, the sharp edge is all restrained. Let Lin Wan can not help but want to know, who is the person who can make the mayor of Yuncheng half a step behind and achieve this attitude? "You said she was Qin Ran?" Eyes turned to the plaid shirt girl who had already entered the door, and Lin Wan hesitated. The girl had only one figure, did not wear a school uniform, and was covered half of her body by Feng Loucheng. Lin Wan had only seen Qin Ran once, and naturally could not recognize her. She put away her lipstick, smiled, and thoughtfully withdrew her eyes. "How could it be her? You're wrong. She just left the police station last night. How could she see Mayor Feng now?" Will it be Qin Ran who can let Feng Loucheng open the door for her half a step behind? Counting the whole cloud city,jacuzzi bath spa, Lin Wan can not count out, there are a few people can let Feng Loucheng do this step. In the box, Qin pulled open the chair near the window and sat down. Feng Lou poured two cups of tea and pushed one cup to Qin Ran. Qin Ran pushed open the window, downstairs is an artificial lake, she leaned back in her chair, left hand holding a teacup, did not drink,Chinese spa manufacturer, just in the palm of the hand. When Feng Loucheng saw her right hand wrapped in gauze, he frowned tightly and his voice became nervous: "Your hand?" "Why are you so nervous? You can't die." Qin leaned lazily against the back of his chair, frowning slightly. Nonsense! Feng Loucheng rarely picked up the attitude of the elders, "What's all right, you know you have a lot of hands." Hearing this, Qin put his chin on his hand, tilted his head, and glanced at him. Staring at by Qin Ran, Feng Loucheng paused. Changed the subject, but his face was still black. "I'll take you to the hospital for a check-up." "It's all right," Qin looked at the palm of his right hand and smiled carelessly. "I came to you to talk about the moon." "The bright moon?" Feng Loucheng glanced at her hand and forced himself to look away. Have you met? Then she must be happy to see you. Qin nodded and said, "We met Xu Shen yesterday." He?! Feng Loucheng's face sank, the teacup fell on the table with a "bang", and the expression on his warm face was very cruel. Qin Ran said something in a few words. That scum! Feng Loucheng had a sullen face. "Don't worry about this. I'll handle it." "Yes." The dishes almost came up, massage bathtub manufacturers ,endless swim spa, all of which Qin liked to eat, and she crossed her legs and took chopsticks to eat. Although Feng Loucheng was thinking about Pan Mingyue, his eyes were also staring at this side. Immediately asked people to remove the dishes, "the hands are injured, but also eat spicy?" Qin Ran faced a bowl of health soup: "." Feng Loucheng let people serve a few bowls of light and healthy dishes. Facing Qin's very indifferent face, he bowed his head and whispered: "If you are." They know that if you get hurt so badly in my place, I will be stripped of my skin. Qin Ran's face was expressionless, poking at the fried cabbage with a few wolfberries. There is no fluctuation in my heart, and I even want to hehe. At this time, Xu Shen did not know that he was impulsive and welcomed two big men with brilliant means. Xu's father was in the hospital all night. Xu Shen was injured in many places, especially in his two arms, which were all broken. Even if he recovered, it still had an impact on the details. He did not know who had beaten him, but he was not prepared to let his son go like this. It was not until Deputy Director Shen talked to him on the phone that he knew that the other party was Qin Ran. Why didn't you tell me yesterday that it was Qin Ran? When Father Xu hung up the phone, his heart jumped and he was immediately angry. Grandma Xu didn't expect him to react so much. "Isn't that the student before you?"? I know you like her, but she hit.. "I told you, it was Xu Shen who deserved it, you." Father Xu took a breath. He could not help lighting a cigarette, looking at the police who were looking for Xu Shen to record his statement, frowning. Qin Ran did not dare to look for it, nor did he have the face to go. Although there is a relationship between master and apprentice, Qin Ran will not necessarily pay attention to him. After thinking for a long time, Xu's father went out and made several phone calls. After seeing Feng Loucheng, Qin Ran went back to class. When I went back, the afternoon self-study was just over. Mu Ying stood at the door of the classroom waiting for her. Cousin, are you back? Seeing Qin Ran, Mu Ying twisted her fingers, looked down at her hand, and asked carefully, "Is your hand all right?" This morning, from the first year of senior high school to the third year of senior high school, even the forum of Tieba was discussing the matter of Qin's hand injury. Some people even went to the canteen to buy a lot of chocolate and other snacks to see her. In the classroom, Qiao Sheng, who was leaning on the table and talking to someone, saw Qin Ran and immediately stood up and called her out. I'm fine. Qin Ran squinted, "don't tell my aunt, you go back." Mu Ying "oh", did not immediately go, standing at the window, and can not help but look into the class, the sunshine handsome boy is walking to the table of Qin Ran, low eyebrows pleasing to the eye, completely without the publicity described by others overbearing. She can not help but think of Li Yuhan's description of Qiao Sheng, a veritable rich second generation,outdoor endless pool, with several mines at home. It's my cousin. There are people coming in and out of the ninth class from time to time. They all greeted Mu Ying with a smile. Follow Qin Ran to call Mu Ying's cousin. Mu Ying answered with a red face. He looked at the window again before leaving. In the class, Lin Siran poured water into the lid of Qin's thermos cup. The next class is biology. Watching Qin Ran finish drinking the water, she screwed the lid again and reached over to help Qin Ran find out. Qin Ran has a lot of books.